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Designed By Greenhouse effects

This Module features A unique Stand-By Switching system.
You can press the switch before you want to engage the pedal
The footswitch works in reverse and it waits for you.
when you're ready to play,release the footswitch and the pedal is engaged.

This module can replace a 3PDT switch or be fitted in a new design.
Dimensions- 20mm x22mm
More cool features-
-Bypass By Default; When you first plug the power,the pedal will always be on bypass mode
-Back to bypass ;If power goes off while the pedal is on, it will automatically go back to bypass so you still have signal going through
-Silent Switching

This sale includes A Relay True Bypass Module And A footswitch!

True Bypass Module & Switch ***Stand-By Switching*

SKU: 55f82bb0a11bb1.78173733
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