This is a very limited offer of the first run of PLL Organ Kits.

The PLL Organ kit is a tribute to 60's Italian organs , like Farfisa and Gem Jumbo.(Scroll down for a basic video demo)
The PLL Organ has a built in 24 keys keyboard
each note has six parallel octaves that can be mixed in using the sliders or the resistive touch pad.
It has 10 knobs and three toggle switches.
Knobs left to right are:
Detune, Filter resonance,Filter Cutoff,LFO wave shape,LFO Depth&ltLFO Rate, Master Volume, Delay mix,Delay Time,Delay Feedback.
Toggle switches are for Glide on/off and Attack on/off,engaging the Resistive touch pad and the 2pdt toggle is for assigning the LFO to Vibrato or Tremolo.
1.Headphone Output
2.Amplified output (LM361) to connect to a speaker or a cab
3.Line Out

With this partial kit you get :
1.PCB (pre modified)
2.MCU Chip for the LFO
3.Led LDR OptoCoupler
4.Crystal Oscillator for the MCU
5.Printed BOM and Build Diagram 

-Short and Basic video demo -

PLL Organ first Run, Partial kit *limited*

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