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PLL Organ. Partial kit

*This PCB arrives with some PRE SOLDERED componens* Please read


The PLL Organ kit is a tribute to 60's Italian organs , like Farfisa and Gem Jumbo.

The PLL Organ has a built in 24 keys keyboard
each note has six parallel octaves that can be mixed in using the sliders or the resistive touch pad.
It has 9 knobs and three toggle switches.
Knobs left to right are:
Detune, Filter resonance,Filter Cutoff,LFO wave shape,LFO Depth,LFO Rate, Delay mix,Delay Time,Delay Feedback.
Toggle switches are for Glide on/off and Attack on/off,engaging the Resistive touch pad and the 2pdt toggle is for assigning the LFO to Vibrato or Tremolo.
1.Headphone Output
2.Line Out

With this partial kit you get : *PRE SOLDERED COMPONENTS*
2.MCU Chip for the LFO    *Pre Soldered*
3.Led LDR OptoCoupler x2
4.Crystal Oscillator for the MCU  *Pre Soldered*
5.Phone Jacks *Pre Soldered*

6.Power Switch  *Pre Soldered*

7.Tactile swiches x24   *Pre Soldered*

8.Trimmer Pot x24   *Pre Soldered*

9.DC Jack   *Pre Soldered*

10.Ferrite Bead  *Pre Soldered*

11.Face plate for the Organ and Keyboard


PLL Organ. Partial kit

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