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Transform Your Breadboard into an Expressive Dual Effect Pedal with the Breadboard Power and Bypass Module MKII


Designed based on valuable user suggestions, the Breadboard Power and Bypass Module MKII is the result of refining its popular predecessor. With its dual relay true bypass functionality, seamlessly integrate two circuits with your instrument and amp, and explore an array of sounds. Whether you're a guitar aficionado or an aspiring musician, this module will revolutionize your breadboarding experience.

Breadboard Power and Bypass Module MKII

$35.00 Regular Price
$23.00Sale Price
  • 1. Prominent Green Power LED Indicator: Clear visual cue when the module is powered on.

    2. Optimized Layout: Streamlined design for improved functionality and ease of use.

    3. Superior Power Filtering: Cleaner and more reliable power supply, minimizing noise and interference.

    4. Independent True Bypass: Enables seamless switching and isolation of individual effects or circuits.

    5. LED Indication for Each Circuit: Visual feedback for monitoring the status of individual circuits.

    6. VB Output for Virtual Ground Circuits: Expanded compatibility for circuits using virtual ground. (+4.5v)

    7. Regulated 5V Output: Stable and accurate power supply for consistent performance.


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