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Simplify Circuit Design with Direct Guitar and Amp Connection, Trusted by professional Effect Pedal Designers worldwide;


Designed to streamline circuit design, this module facilitates direct connections to your guitar and amplifier. With guitar I/O jacks, a 2.1 negative pin DC In Jack, relay true bypass, LED indicator, 5V output for PT2399 circuits, and external footswitch connections, this module revolutionizes the circuit design process while enabling direct integration with your guitar and amp.

Breadboard Power and Bypass Module

SKU: sku_5ea6cd2f185bd_1587989807
$29.99 Regular Price
$17.00Sale Price
  • Guitar input and Output Jacks
    DC In Jack (Standard 2.1 Negative pin Jack)
    Relay True Bypass
    LED Indicator
    Extra 5v Out for PT2399 circuits
    External Footswitch connections for actual SPDT momentary footswitch

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